Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Believe in eBooks

I was sitting in front of my mac and applying for a job at apple when the creative possibilities inherent in the eBook hit me. eBooks seriously are the next step forward for the literary medium of expression. With applications running on any number of handheld (even computer based) devices, what an author or writer can implant in his or her piece is limitless; sound effects as eyes cross a certain page, visual effects that bolster the text, make it living and breathing, a soundtrack for every chapter, ambient noise that increases in tempo and frequency as your eyes move through every line. If the imagination can dream it, the technologically savvy minds of today will be apt to create it. In essence, we'll see a whole medium of expression come through the portal into the Information Age.

As a creator, I find more room to play in an eBook than in a printed book. But the printed book will never die. I still believe that firmly.


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